Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Binary Betting or Binary Trading?

My good friend, Ido (who I nickname Tokyo Fido since he lives in Tokyo) just made over $5,000 over the weekend doing something I've never heard of - binary options trading.

Now you may have heard that there's varying views on the Occupy Wall Street Movement but I'm everyone reading my blog will agree that they'd be happy to make a quick 5 Grand over a period of 2 days...!

Tokyo Fido is quite discrete about how he did it but told me that he learned about binary trading through a new Japanes site he came across (they also have English, my links within this post go there), that claims: "In a field where traders are too often treated to false information, wild promises, and poor or incomplete explanations, BinaryDollars.com is a breath of fresh air." and that regarding binary trading as a subject, it is their "priority is to deliver quality information to our site visitors". Users can not trade on the site but they can read about binary trading, which seems more like binary betting to me.

In any case, I'm still reading about it and may write further posts about my conclusions. In the meantime, as I writer, I must admit that BinaryDollars.com is well written.