Sunday, February 22, 2009

Latitude of Google or of Nokia?

Google latitude is a feature on google maps (that mean you have to use the google application for maps), which enables you to see where your friends are.

In order to use the latitude: first you have to sign in to latitude >add friends from Gmail contacts> after accepting your invitation they share their location and you get to see it on the map from your mobile or computer.

For marketers it will be a great tool to offer products based on the information reveled from users’ locations. Privacy will probably be an issue and controversy between generations (I can’t really see parents allowing everyone to see where they are all the time…) that was acquired by Nokia last year is a web 2.0 social location based network site with a similar concept. This solution is more web oriented and Nokia is planning to adjust and customize it to the mobile. Interesting features includes creating activities on the map, get instructions to get there from Google (…), invite friends or see which one of your friends are in the area (similar to latitude). The site isn’t working on safari – mac browsers which mean than it might have problems using it on iPhones.

The major advantage of Latitude is of course google and all it’s applications such as email, Gtalk, maps etc. it will probably be embedded into Android devices. Nokia’s integration of will probably be under OVI services.