Monday, October 27, 2008

Startups management adjustments

While mature companies might have the experience, strong brand, successful solutions and most importantly deep pockets with ongoing revenues; start ups have innovative solutions, a vision and if they're lucky, an investment from a recognized VC . Obviously, this is an opportunity for the survived companies to lead the market naturally with fewer competitors and become a dominant player so what should be the KFS for accomplishing those goals?

Well like always it depends, depends on the stage of the start up. If the product development is in an advanced position, it is not the time to cut on business development and marketing resources. It is much recommended though to outsource certain positions and jobs and strengthens the focus of the organization. Obviously in a seed and early stage it is important to continue the R&D. But once again, being focused and align with the product/startup strategy while maintaining company's operation scope.

Most importantly, delivering the message of efficiency, responsibility and management control, is a key success factors for startups to survive hard economic times and even flourish and grow in the long term.