Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spikko - free SMS from PC to Mobile

Spikko enables you to send free SMS from PC to mobile. Spikko solution doesn't require any downloads (telemessage, Triplay) and it's simple and straightforward. Just create a new email to number@spikkosms.com.

The interesting part is the cooperation with the operator. the SMS from PC to mobile is free but the reply SMS is charged for a lower fee than standard SMS fees. The business model is based on rev share between Spikko and the operator.

I like it because there is a value for the consumer - free SMS and attractive fee for the reply SMS. The operator is gaining a new market that is already there and now is leveraging it. Sppiko with it's creative, simple product can create interesting cooperations. I real challenge for Spikko now is to bring users and for this they either need the collaboration of the operator (I wouldn't count on it) or smartly promote it through viral marketing, SEM, PR and affiliate marketing.

Video conferencing for iPhone – it’s about time…

Apple plans to introduce video conferencing to future generations of the popular handset. The lack of video capabilities on the handset has been a major downside among customers. Tero Kuittinen, a Global Crown Capital analyst, said the iPhone must adopt a higher quality camera with video capabilities if it wishes to remain competitive with rivals Research In Motion, Samsung, HTC and LG.

Nokia has video conferencing in most of the 49 new devices launched every year but is this tech advantage is a real benefit to the leading handset manufacture? Apple will probably close the tech gap but will Nokia reposition itself as a cool, innovative and attractive brand? Time will tell they are sure trying so with the OVI.

As for the camera capabilities, after switching from my Nokia N95 8GB to Nokia E71 I can say that having a powerful, high quality phone camera (relatively of course) is useful and a basic requirement of our generation…