Wednesday, January 17, 2007

iPhone - 11.01.2007 by Corin Rotary


After launching the Macintosh in 1984 and successfully redefining the MP3 market in 2001, Apple continues to surprise. Yesterday Steve Jobs in his casual garb, has introduced the new innovative state of the art designed phone - iPhone.

At the personal level, I haven't been so excited since visiting the Apple underground store in the 59th St and the 5th Ave, Manhattan (last week). Allocating a major part of the store space to tutorial classes[1] and sending invoices straight to the customer's personal mailbox, means focusing on cost effective and value added services at the same time. Taking into consideration what really matters to gadget freaks [2] (haven't really viewed myself as one until this very moment) applied technology, brand association and clean cut, contemporary design, Apple delivers a HOT product into a boiling industry.

Innovation has been the key value of Apple and Jobs has managed to actually apply this strategy into practice. The harmony of strategic rationale and talented execution sounds as clear as Apple's common tracks: Coldplay, U2 and of course John Mayer.

Innovation is when registering 200 patents on 1 tiny device that is an iPod, a phone and an internet mobile communicator. Take the bitmap giant screen with the multi-finger technology for example with the highest resolution screen with only 1 button and this is what you would call breakthrough user friendly technology at the size of only 11.6 mm. Forget 3G it's WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0!

Jobs, like always is playing in the big guys' court. Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Paramount, Cingular, AT&T will enable him to achieve his 1% market share, 10 million phones objective.

iPhone, like big brother iPod is expected to receive a fair bit of criticism especially from major competitors. At the same time, it is almost guaranteed a quick and efficient market penetration.

Those of you who know me more than a day or two can easily recognize my true enthusiasm. This is even more exceptional taking into consideration the old fashion, 1st generation mobile I have been using for years and couldn’t care less about…

and now the only question that that I've got is who can bring me an iPhone from the states in June? And btw I want it all including the Mac and the Apple TV!

So, Stevie, let's get this show on the road!
[1] Mainly about apple products and usage
[2] Early adopters