Sunday, March 25, 2007

Business development blueprint

While having a strong marketing background (both theoretical and hands on experience), I came to realize through my current position as an international business development manager, the unique characteristics of the business development profession. Buizdev is a combination of marketing and sales and from my perspective is linked more to sales and management than to traditional marketing. The following points emphasize the main guidelines for a professional business development manager:

1. Initiate business activities and cooperations with potential customers and colleges
2. Networking within the industry
3. Getting to know as many people as possible, you can never know when it will be handy. Being people oriented is definitely a key success factor
4. Being creative about business opportunities – think outside the box
5. Your objective should be clear, understandable, and simple if the conditions permit.
6. Being alert to new opportunities
7. Being updated with new technologies, news etc.
8. Keep in mind that you represent the brand and make sure you deliver the required image
9. Be focused and don’t let distractions to get in your way of executing the marketing strategy
10. Follow up every meeting and opportunity – people like to be remembered and a thank you email is a necessity now days
11. Marketing communications tools such as business cards, power point presentation, brochures should be available
12. Doing you homework about the people and company you are about to meet
13. Be aware and learn about cultural differences
14. Remember to have fun while accomplishing your missions!

Vacation, vacation, vacation - much recommended as often as possible!

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gokouun o inorimasu and Shana tovaAs history proven, this is a date of new starts, promising beginnings and innovative discoveries. In 3761 BCE the epoch of the modern Hebrew calendar was established and today 236 years ago Captain Cook discovered New Zealand. So all is left for me to say is Gokouun o inorimasu! (good luck in Japanese)