Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blue Print for career success

Simplicity – we all know the feeling of reading an article that is just too complicated and not clear enough. In this case just try to transfer all the words into a scheme including arrows and boxes. Also, when writing a marketing plan it is much recommended to transfer the goal, objectives, vision and the strategy in a clear, simple style, format, structure and language.

People oriented – Networking, Networking and more Networking. Business is done between people and not boxes. From my point of view, business is much more about people than about numbers. The sooner you get it the better you'll be in doing business.

Brand it – acknowledge the fact that you are the brand of yourself. For better branding strategy and career management, write down the values and characteristics of yourself.

Write it down - one of the most productive methodologies starts with organizing the data according to a logical, organized way and by writing it down. It also helps to remember, if you are like me having lots of not very important details in your head.

Take a deep breath & rationalize – being emotional equals being not in your top ability to make the best decisions. Try to isolate your emotions and think about your career as a race that you are going to win.

Stay focus with your goals – staying focus in life is definitely a key success factor. Set your goals and keep your objectives clear! Do not go all over the place, this way you will get lost and decrease the chances for full accomplishment.