Saturday, February 28, 2009

GarageGeeks session on Web Analytics

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key success factors for using Twitter efficiently

Some of the key success factors for using Twitter efficiently:

1. Creating value - to your current and future followers, post interesting articles, innovative ideas, technologies, photos and try to think what would make them exited.
2. Link it - don't forget to link to the article, post, blog you are talking about. Link in - your web-space source: blog, website and link out to "out" of your web-space source. On Blogger there are some difficulties I know...also for me it might be time to switch to wordpress.
3. Tiny URL - is also handy and convenient for your followers and space efficient
4. Update regularly - the more the merrier of course, 4 times a week is a reasonable minimum to keep your followers curious and anticipating for your next update and still they won't forget about you
5. Be active - responsive, and initiate new topics and ask for your followers' opinion
6. Interesting updates to catch attention 
7. Don't be too pushy - for corporate twitter try to actually build relationship with your followers and not only sell your product/service
8. Promote your twitter on other platforms such as your blog, email signature, website and facebook
9.Time management is critical - twitter is such a great micro-blogging community but it's definitely a time-suck platform so you should limit the time and use it wisely. 
10. Increase your followers - will have a different post on this 
and the most important thing - ENJOY IT