Monday, January 05, 2009

Mobile Trends for 2009

Taking into consideration the global economic slowdown, leading players at the mobile industry will have to adjust quickly and provide more source of revenue or increase existing channels to compensate decreasing mobile usage. Here are major trends for revenue growth:
1. SMS usage growth – despite of the economic crisis SMS usage is expected to grow, especially among the youth segment but not only.
2. Mobile advertising and ticketing/ coupons. Instead of receiving the invoice or ticket to your email, which is definitely not the best solution for the environment, customers will start receiving it as a MMS to the mobile. Easier, convenient and environment friendly.
3. Content and more content
4. Location Based Services – but not necessarily paid services. Google, Nokia and other players offer free maps; the trend of paying for navigation is yet to come.
5. Social networking on the go – the revolution of facebook, flicker and twitter will expand to the mobile as well.
6. Mobile Internet – dramatic increase of internet usage and a larger variety of services offered
7. Touch screen/ high end devices – for niche market
8. Mobile security – preparing the surface for mobile frauds and scams. Having access to growing information and billing methods
9. Bluetooth is becoming an advertising platform. Finally marketers will start to acknowledge this technological advantage for promoting products/services within a geographical area.
10. Quick Recognition/ 2DBar Codes – campaigns on newspapers and billboards that provide user with very fast access to information – anything from an SMS to a mobile link, to an application download. QR reader should be installed on the device (Nokia, Android devices).