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Bingo Paypal

Online Bingo paypal is quickly becoming one of the hottest online activities today, specially during holidays. The game is so involving, so easy to play and more importantly, so much fun, more and more people are going to online bingo for home - based entertainment. More than just a game of chance, Bingo is actually seen for its ability to bring people closer together. However, according to experts in the online games, if you want to join an online bingo game, you should follow one vital piece of advice: fund it with PayPal (PayPal serves as a safeguard against identity theft by minimizing the circle of people who have access to a person’s credit card details). I personally prefer having several options for the game as can be found on http://www.paypal-bingo.co.uk/ including Poker Paypal. So now, that you are aware of the most essential tip, all you have to do is enjoy the game of Bingo and spread the holiday spirit!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Binary Betting or Binary Trading?

My good friend, Ido (who I nickname Tokyo Fido since he lives in Tokyo) just made over $5,000 over the weekend doing something I've never heard of - binary options trading.

Now you may have heard that there's varying views on the Occupy Wall Street Movement but I'm everyone reading my blog will agree that they'd be happy to make a quick 5 Grand over a period of 2 days...!

Tokyo Fido is quite discrete about how he did it but told me that he learned about binary trading through a new Japanes site he came across (they also have English, my links within this post go there), that claims: "In a field where traders are too often treated to false information, wild promises, and poor or incomplete explanations, BinaryDollars.com is a breath of fresh air." and that regarding binary trading as a subject, it is their "priority is to deliver quality information to our site visitors". Users can not trade on the site but they can read about binary trading, which seems more like binary betting to me.

In any case, I'm still reading about it and may write further posts about my conclusions. In the meantime, as I writer, I must admit that BinaryDollars.com is well written.

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Micro-Entrepreneurship in the Internet - Research direction


Micro-Entrepreneurship is an important and relevant topic, as it is really a stepping-off direct for new entrepreneurs and innovative businesses. Technically defines micro-enterprise as smaller business unit, characterized by fewer than 10 workers, although it is quite common that initially starts with a volume of annual turnover under 2 million. According to Hisrich and Peters (1998, p.9) entrepreneurship is defined as the process of creating something new with value by devoting the essential time and effort, assuming the accompanying financial, psychic, and social risks, and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence.

The definitions of entrepreneurship are varied, but in general include the ability to create, innovate, bear risk, manage and achieve targets (Jennings, 1994, p. 12). Until not long ago to set off a business required a significant investment and take risks that could considerably affect the economics of entrepreneurship.

Fortunately, with the business opportunities folded in the Internet, a worldwide phenomenon of micro internet entrepreneurship is growing. Proof of this is that there are thousands of micro – entrepreneurs around the world that are establishing their own online business every day. Entry costs are very low or almost zero and the benefits and life style are appealing.


As our economy continues to globalize and the internet makes it easier to start a business, there will be an increased number of workers making the transition from employee to contractors and micro – entrepreneurs. It is a trend that is being implemented in society and in a few years that will change the way we work and do business. A new era opens the possibility to generate income and become self-sufficient to have just anyone with a PC and an Internet connection. However, there are also challenges in initiating and managing a successful online business and those will be explored in this research project.


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Sunday, July 03, 2011

The effectiveness of Cause Related Marketing (CRM) on E-commerce

My latest research topic was the effectiveness of cause related marketing (CRM) on e-commerce. In 2009 alone, $1.57 billion was spent on cause marketing. And as marketing, communication, fundraising, and shopping transition to an entirely online world, the aim of this study was to examine if online CRM has an influence on customer perception and purchasing behavior.

According to the survey, almost 80 percent would switch brands, similar in price and quality, to one that supports a cause and more than 50 percent would be willing to purchase a more expensive brand if the brand supports a cause of interest. Israeli’s appreciate CRM activities and 95 percent believe a company has a more positive image when it supports a cause and almost 70 percent agree that more online companies should be involved in CRM.

Some key success factors for affective online CRM strategy were identified. First of all, based on the survey, security and credibility of the website are the most critical elements that influence online purchasing decision. Price is also an important factor as can be expected.

There seems to be a gap between the subjective norms of the respondents and how they perceive CRM. On one hand, they appreciate companies that involve in CRM and agree that more companies should engage in CRM. They would try new brands and some would even pay more for products that supports SRA but on the other hand 80 percent think that companies that are involved in SRA act out of self-interest and SRA is not an important factor when purchasing online.

On the other hand, with a contradiction for the above findings and conclusions, based on the survey when asked what is important to you when purchasing online, CRM was rated the last one from all the 11 variables. A possible explanation for this is that the combination of e-commerce and CRM is not widespread in Israel and educating the skeptical Israeli market is essential. Explaining the values and advantages behind this approach can be beneficial both to consumers, business involved and obviously to the cause itself.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Facebook Advertising Grows Up - KATV Channel 7 - The Spirit of Arkansas:

Facebook Advertising Grows Up

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HERZLIYA, Israel, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Edge.BI (http://www.Edge.BI), the leading Decision Support solution for paid advertising, is delighted to announce today that it has won approval as an official Facebook Ads API Tool Vendor, one of only 15 such companies to have passed Facebook's exhaustive and rigorous testing procedures.

Itai Levitan, CEO of Edge.BI, said, "Everyone knows that one of the biggest issues with Facebook advertising today is conversion tracking. Edge.BI comprehensively solves this concern by offering the richest, deepest tracking solution available in the market; and now, with today's announcement, our Clients know that they are working with an authorized API Tool Vendor ensuring fast, simple, trouble-free implementation."

Edge.BI works by using URL-parameters to link Facebook Ad Campaigns directly with actual Client reported performance. This has two advantages; firstly, it avoids many of the pitfalls associated with traditional tracking methods that can lead to a 20%-40% discrepancy between what the trackers are showing and what the Client's back-office or CRM systems are reporting.

Secondly, up till now, traditional tracking solutions have shown an incomplete story; by tracking just the initial conversion and ignoring everything that follows such as profitability, product mix and purchase frequencies, they have left Advertisers in the dark about their real ROI. As Nick Clements, VP Marketing at Edge.BI, says, "By linking advertising channel data directly to actual client transaction data, we empower Advertisers to see the full story of exactly how each campaign is impacting their businesses' bottom line. It really is taking paid advertising to the next level of accountability."

Marketers have proven in the past that with greater ROI control, they are prepared to spend more on their paid advertising. Now, with better tools to help Advertisers make better decisions on where to invest their next advertising dollar, Facebook may soon be leading the online marketing plans for more companies.

About Edge.BI

Edge.BI Software-as-a-Service is used to optimize campaigns in 72 countries, across 40 languages; it is suitable for any organization or agency serious about its Search, Facebook, Mobile, Media Buying Affiliate Marketing, or any other digital marketing that can be tracked with a URL.

With Edge.BI, advertisers can break out to a new level of campaign performance by combining their hard-won in-house expertise with a cutting-edge Decision Support platform to deliver a 40% ROI improvement across all paid advertising. The purpose-built platform also achieves a 90% reduction in non-productive time spent on data and reports, and runs even the most sophisticated analyses, without Excel/SQL frustrations, at the speed of the Internet.

Name of Media Contact: Nick Clements

Title of Media Contact: VP Marketing

Company Name: Edge.BI Ltd.

Contact Phone Number: +972-9-950-9249

Contact E-mail: nick.clements@Edge.BI

Website URL: http://www.Edge.BI

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