Sunday, August 10, 2008

Execution, Execution, Execution

Understanding the importance of mobile operating system popularity, apple continues to penetrate into the mobile market with the 3G iPhone, that sold 1 million devices over the first weekend last month and with the new app store. The ability to download applications (1000 different application) is the integration of the mobile hardware and software and this is the real battle between the mobile giants: apple and Nokia.

Nokia also offers a wide variety of games under N-Gage, music stores, photo and video sharing and uploading for free, maps and navigation services. Having the platform of Ovi and Nokia software market, the company's aim is to build a third party developers community for the S60 Symbian platform.

The race between the two giants is not over as a third player is expected to get into the game with a new free OS Android by google. Once they all understand the market roles it's all about execution, User interface, usability and value for money, the real celebration for the consumers begins…