Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I have a dream – Personal Home Page

Getting daily invitations to join social/business networks, blogs, websites, search engines and many other online initiatives emphasizes the amount of web traffic we all consume. On one hand, information is transferred quickly and the amount of data is gigantic. On the other hand, web usability has still along way to go to meet customers’ needs.

The “Favorite” option on your Explorer, Mozilla, or Chrome is indeed helpful in managing web favorite sites but is it the ideal solution? It requires an active search of “pulling” the info required. An easy to use platform “push” based is an opportunity.

Google obviously has an interest at creating a one stop solution for all it’s web applications but is it the perfect solution?

I have a dream that when I open my laptop I will first open my personal home page with a drag and drop option for all my web data with a personalized design and recent updated news. I have a dream that my personal home page would have several widgets for search, email accounts, calendar, all contacts and easy access to my favorite sites – business and personal. I have a dream (agreed with Google) that all my info, favorites, blogs, sites would be organized clearly, efficiently and comfortably…