Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goan beach vacation

After quite a challenging flight we have finally arrived… (Excellent flights, both aircrafts were half vacant but still need to complain about something :-) the taxi from the goan airport took us to palolem beach in less than 2 hours. At first sight you get a bit of shook – welcome to India – cows conveniently walking in what you may call a street, dogs, no exact roads and how can I describe the smell… after asking our driver to take us to a quite nice place he took us to Neptune Point which is just at the south point of palolem. Palolem Tranquil, idyllic and laid-back, Palolem is a beautiful beach in Goa so get ready here we are for the best vacation ever.

Neptune Point – beautiful sunset, great sleep, the ultimate quite but I was extremely determined to find even a better place as far as the hut’s concern and thought about getting the beach experience. Apparently it was a good idea and luckily found a nice, green, beachfront resort like – ciarans -

Ciarans – fabulous 5 days spent with new friends Ro & Mike from the UK and Paulina form Poland. Ocean-view Cottage - Double cottage with en-suite bathroom, outdoor ground level veranda seating area overlooking the beach and ocean! Amazing food, beautiful clean beach and pure fun, this is what I call paradise with IL…happy, happy, happy

One of the things that amazes me is the “me 2” approach of the micro business environment, they are all selling the same things, no differentiation, no branding/marketing/sales strategy (I probably went a bit too far). Very hard to make money if you are selling the same thing as your neighbor… one important basic lesson – be unique, different and create real value for your potential customers.