Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interior design tips for organized living environment with a newborn baby

Having a new baby is exciting, overwhelming and life changing…with the happiness and joy that comes with the cute tiny baby, new parents experience a major change on their living area, baby’s taking over physical space. Baby’s equipment - toys, playing area, diapers, cloth, furniture and other essentials – are endless and we seems to be lost in our own home. Here are some advices for happily organized living with baby’s never ending equipment

  1. Change and store – when baby grow and new equipment is needed it is much recommended to store/give/sell or whatever you decide in order to clear some space.
  2. Match and buy – try to think about your space limits and purchase accordingly. If you enjoy a minimal living area consider buying suitable equipment to mach it. It is also important to think about the colors and try to choose matching colors or neutral to blade with your space and not to take over it.
  3. Corner it - arranging the space is critical and you don’t want it to be all over your home. Try to allocate a corner or a defined area in the kitchen and in the living room for the baby’s equipment. Pay attention first and for most important for security factors. Be aware of sharp corners of furniture, areas that you cannot see your baby, high things that can fall or the baby can full them.
  4. Arrange, Arrange & Arrange – don’t let things to get out of control…you should try and keep the space as organized as possible so try to pick thing and put them back in their place once a day to prevent out of control mess.
  5. Ask for small gifts - in many cases, the new parents are in a situation that they can ask for thr gifts they want. If you are too ashamed not to take the initiative, you might be left with little room to live in your apartment or house. Control your space by controlling the type and size of gifts your family and friends may offer you to celebrate the new birth, your kids first birthday, etc.
  6. Enjoy your baby in an organized area, it will improve your and the baby’s life.